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dirk.thalheim at bkg.bund.de dirk.thalheim at bkg.bund.de
Tue Aug 4 06:06:41 PDT 2015

Dear list,

I'm trying to convert a cache to a TMS like directory structure with the mapproxy-util export command line. It's working for a test with the first levels of the cache. But when I run the tool for all levels, I can't see any image output in the destination directory. Only the tile_locks directory is created.

I'm running MapProxy under Windows using the Windows Installer (http://bartbaas.github.io/MapProxyWindows/). The destination is located on a network share. The call to mapproxy-util is:
  mapproxy-util export -f %CONFIG% --grid default028mm --source my_cache --dest %TARGET%  --levels 0..10 --type tms -c 8
where TARGET is something like //server/share/directory

The console shows me the progress. I started 5 hours ago and so far 10% are processed. However, like I've already mentioned, there are no images generated.

Has somebody any idea what I'm missing?

Kind regards,

Dirk Thalheim

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