[MapProxy] Seeding tiles from local PostgreSQL

Andrey Maraev asmaraev at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 05:57:12 PDT 2015

Thank you Lars,
Well, I asked because I can't do that with generate_tyles.py via mapnik
because I'm windows user. Now I'm using Mapproxy-seed.exe tool for
pre-rendered tiles and use it as seed_only=true mode for offline. But
propably it's not a clue for right way because I'm seeding through online
TMS servers like http://a.tile.openstreetmap.org. So I thought it would be
great use mapproxy-seed tool such as mapnik's generate_tiles tool
especially  if I've had an osm data inside postgresql.

2015-08-05 15:01 GMT+03:00 lars lingner <gislars+list at gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> On 05.08.2015 11:51, Andrey Maraev wrote:
> > Hello!
> > I'm using tiles in offline. So, I've exported an osm data to PostgreSQL
> via
> > osm2pgsql.  I was wondering, would be able to use mapproxy-seed as a tile
> > generator from local PostgreSQL database like
> > mapnik-tools(generate_tiles.py)?
> Mapproxy itself doesn't render the tiles. For this job you need an
> rendering software like mapnik or MapServer. To answer your question:
> Yes it is possible to use the combination of MapProxy an mapnik to
> render the OSM tiles.
> I'm not sure if you have already an working mapnik setup. Did you try to
> use the generate_tiles.py to render a demo map?
> If this is working you can setup mapproxy to use mapnik as source. You
> can have a look at a working setup at OSGeoLive [1]
> There is also an example in the MapProxy documentation [2] but it is a
> little hidden in the Retina Example.
> Best regards,
> Lars
> [1] http://live.osgeo.org/de/quickstart/mapproxy_quickstart.html
> [2]
> http://mapproxy.org/docs/nightly/configuration_examples.html#hq-retina-tiles
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Best Regards!
Andrey Maraev
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