[MapProxy] WMTS MatrixWidth at Level 0

Starck Heinrich Heinrich.Starck at energieag.at
Tue Aug 11 06:44:55 PDT 2015


I try to access to a WMTS offer of our local government:

But I get the wrong tiles. X,Y are to low.


Correct something like this:

I think the reason is the TileMatrixSet definition:

         <ows:Title>TileMatrix using 0.28mm</ows:Title>
         <ows:Abstract>The tile matrix set that has scale values calculated based on the dpi defined by OGC specification (dpi assumes 0.28mm as the physical distance of a pixel).</ows:Abstract>
                   <TopLeftCorner>5001000.0 -5622500.0</TopLeftCorner>
                   <MatrixWidth>36</MatrixWidth>       <------ Level 0 starts with [36:60] instead of [1:1]
                   <TopLeftCorner>5001000.0 -5622500.0</TopLeftCorner>

I found no way to reflect this in my mapproxy.yaml.
Is there a config possibility/solution?

Or can I hack the mapproxy python source?
A first look shows me no starting point.
Currently I don't understand metatile,tile pattern etc. and their relationships.

best regards,


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