[MapProxy] Generate complete cache from one scale

André Pirard a.pirard.papou at gmail.com
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I no longer support Mapproxy but I would hate not to say this.
If you use a configuration like this for a cache-1, in particular a
single "scale":

res: [76.43702784, 19.10925696, 4.77731424, 1.19432856, 0.29858214]

only the specified scales will be requested from any source-1 feeding
the cache.
If that cache-1 is used by a service-1, Mapproxy will compute the other
Now if that service-1 is used for a source-2 (of Mapproxy calling itself)
feeding a fully-scaled cache-2 this time, you have done what you want.
Let it auto-populate or use idle time to seed it.
I have used partial caches and self-sourcing but not combined to that



On 2015-08-26 07:39, Märt Reose wrote :
> Hey!
> I had a similar task at hand. Which format are your aerials? If its wms, then sorry I cant help you, but if you have access to geotiff files, then you have hope.
> Mine were geotiff so I decided to use mapserver to deliver the tiffs and mapproxy to cache the result.
> As there were many tiffs I used gdaltindex to create a tileindex. Like: gdaltindex aerials.shp aerials/*.tif
> Then created a map file with a layer definition like this:
>   NAME "aerials"
>   TILEINDEX "/srv/gis/aerials/aerials.shp"
>   TILEITEM "Location"
> Longer documentation: http://mapserver.org/input/raster.html
> And map file: http://www.mapserver.org/mapfile/
> It can look like a difficult task if you dont have experience in the field, but actually its quite easy.
> Märt Reose
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> Hi,
>> On 21.08.2015, at 11:38, dirk.thalheim at bkg.bund.de wrote:
>> I have a source which provides raster data (aerial images) only for a single scale. Is it possible to configure mapproxy in that way, that a complete cache could be generated from that source?
>> In theory it would be enough to cache the source scale and after that recursively generate all lower scale caches by resizing the previous cache. My first approach would be to configure a recursive cache configuration. But this seems to me like a huge configuration and I’m not pretty sure how to combine the single caches in a single one for production. Or is there a simpler way?
> No, there is no easy way to handle this right now. But it would be a great feature for MapProxy. It would also help for services that only provide maps for higher scale, but not for low scales (overview). 
> Regards,
> Oliver

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