[MapProxy] Mapproxy configuration automatic reload

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Wed Jun 3 08:26:52 PDT 2015


You can set reloader=True in make_wsgi_app, eg.:

  application = make_wsgi_app('examples/minimal/etc/mapproxy.yaml', reloader=True)

This was missing from the deployment docs, but it it supported since 1.5.
I’ve just updated the docs and it should appear here in a few minutes:


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> On 01.06.2015, at 10:31, Märt Reose <Mart.Reose at smit.ee> wrote:
> Hello!
> Our deployment: supervisord is starting gunicorn, which is running mapproxy. In front of gunicorn is nginx.
> If I make configuration changes, then I must restart gunicorn for the changes to come into effect.
> Is it possible to add some python to the application server script to reload the configuration without restart? Or maybe a seperate python script to do that?
> If I start mapproxy as „serve-develop“, then it reloads configuration on the fly, so something similar would be needed.
> MapProxy Version 1.7.1
> Thank you very much J
> Märt Reose
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> IT and Development Centre. Ministry of Interior, Estonia
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