[MapProxy] urllib2 - why?

Tobias Wendorff tobias.wendorff at tu-dortmund.de
Mon May 18 01:12:57 PDT 2015

Hey Oliver,

Am Mo, 18.05.2015, 10:01 schrieb Oliver Tonnhofer:
> There are a few features in the MapProxy http module that are not covered
> well by unit tests. So changing this will also require a few more tests.

Ok. Maybe switching to urllib3 is better then, it supports all kinds of
proxies and is compatible to urllib2 (and python >= 2.6)

> And of course updates to the documentation. So it?s a bit more work then
> just changing a few lines. You should create a new ticket on GitHub if you
> want to work on this.

I'll play around a bit first. Perhaps I'm the only one, who needs
proxy support :)

Best regards,

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