[MapProxy] Mapnik v3: N6mapnik12value_holderE

Tobias Wendorff tobias.wendorff at tu-dortmund.de
Sun Oct 25 08:18:52 PDT 2015

Hi there,

I've just upgraded my testserver from Mapnik v2 to Mapnik v3 on Jessie.
I didn't change anything in my MapProxy configuration or Mapnik's XML,
but I'm getting this WMS error:

<ServiceException>Could not get any sources: unary dispatch:
FAIL N6mapnik12value_holderE encountered during parsing of layer
'leisure' in Layer at line 27 of 'tobwen_style.xml'</ServiceException>

Here is the mapfile: http://pastie.org/pastes/10506566/text
For reading PG as datasource nothing has changed since Mapnik v2.
Running the query directly against psql worked as expected.

I'm running MapProxy-1.8.2a0.post20151025 with Spawning and nginx.

Best regards,

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