[MapProxy] WMTS-Source: could not retrieve tile

Siegel Andreas Andreas.Siegel at vorarlberg.at
Thu Apr 21 02:11:55 PDT 2016


This is my first post and i am a newbie in mapproxy.

My goal ist o create a local tile cache in our native srs (31254) from an external WMTS (http://maps.wien.gv.at/basemap) which is only provided in 3857.
As a first step i just want to see the external WMTS in my MapProxy-Demo.

But this fails.
In mapproxy.log i find:
WARNING - mapproxy.source.tile - could not retrieve tile: No response from URL "http://maps.wien.gv.at/basemap/bmapgrau/normal/google3857/7/45/67.png": timed out

The URL ist perfectly fine.
wget "http://maps.wien.gv.at/basemap/bmapgrau/normal/google3857/7/45/67.png" -o 67.png 
delivers a nice little PNG-image.
This at least suggests the configuration not being to much off the mark.

Now comes the strange part.
I cannot find any network-requests for http://maps.wien.gv.at/basemap... using a packet analyzer (wireshark)
How is this possible? Or better. Does mapproxy not query the internet but rather some local storage resp. cache?

Relevant snippets from my mapproxy.yaml:
  - name: basemap_layer
    title: Basemap
    sources: [basemap_cache]
    format: image/png
    request_format: image/png
    grids: [webmercator]
    sources: [basemap_wmts]
    type: tile
    url: http://maps.wien.gv.at/basemap/bmapgrau/normal/google3857/%(z)s/%(y)s/%(x)s.png
    transparent: false
    grid: webmercator
      bbox: [977650, 5838030, 1913530, 6281290]
      srs: 'EPSG:3857'

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