[MapProxy] MapProxy configuration

Mikael Gronfeldt mikael.gronfeldt at visma.com
Fri Dec 2 07:55:15 PST 2016

I have  situation where my MapProxy server request a different level 
from my OSM tile server than I expect.
All in all it work fine, just that my Tile server cannot deliver tiles 
from level 19

My  yaml look like this:
     type: tile
     grid: osm_grid
     url: http://<mapProxy ip>/osm_tiles/%(z)s/%(x)s/%(y)s.png 
     transparent: true

When I send the request http:// 
ip> <>
<> from 
my browser.

My mapproxy server sends this request to my Tile server:
Snippet from my Apache access.log:
<mapProxy ip> <> - - 
[02/Dec/2016:16:39:15 +0100] "GET /osm_tiles/18/26/262108.png HTTP/1.1" 
200 352 "-" "MapProxy-1.9.0"

a request for a level 18 tile:

Will result in a 404
HTTP Error "http://<tile_server_ip>/osm_tiles/19/26/524252.png 
<>": 404

Because my tile server cannot deliver level 19 tiles.

1 is added to the %(z)s segment in all requests through all layers. X 
and Y are apparently not affected.

How can I ensure that MapProxy do not request a level that is 1 higher 
than expected?

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