[MapProxy] FeatureInfo-Request depending on coverage

Andreas Zapke andreas.zapke at geomap.immo
Wed Dec 21 07:20:26 PST 2016


I have the same question as Andrej asked yesterday:

I would like to reiterate a question I asked before, but I am still couldn't find an answer. Its about WMS FeatureInfo in Mapproxy, may be a newbee question, but documentation is not really clear for me.

I defined several wms sources, each source with a provided coverage. Those sources are combined in a cache, cache is source for a layer, image requests are answered depending on the coverage, everything is fine. What is a bit confusing to me is how FeatureInfo requests are handled, it seems like coverage is ignored here. I do get results from all sources, but i would like to get only the result for the source that covers the requested bbox. Is there a way to achieve this? Is coverage considered at all for FeatureInfo request in mapproxy?

Thanks in advance!

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