[MapProxy] Custom grid, bbox problems and no GETs

Starck Heinrich Heinrich.Starck at energieag.at
Wed Feb 17 05:53:38 PST 2016


I still try to access to a public wmts offer
In QGis I can access the WMTS offer.

In the WMTSCapabilities.xml I see different grid/bbox definitions:
<ows:BoundingBox crs="urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::31255">
         EPSG:31255 - bounding box:  -115771.3204, 130037.7189, 115359.4571, 408002.5351
         (see http://spatialreference.org/ref/epsg/31255/)
<ows:BoundingBox crs="urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::31255">
         <ows:LowerCorner>-4624770.696 -348480.1199000002</ows:LowerCorner>
         <ows:UpperCorner>403981.5399999991 123233.68599999989</ows:UpperCorner>
         <TopLeftCorner>5001000.0 -5622500.0</TopLeftCorner>
x2: 5001000.0 + 256*0.28/1000.0*2267861.678580215*36  (correct?) <--- Question 0
y2: -5622500.0 + 256*0.28/1000.0*2267861.678580215*60

I tried to build an empty grid to see the bounding box (QGis):
    grids: [doris_flaewi_wmts_test_grid]
    sources: []

    srs: 'EPSG:31255'
    origin: 'nw'
    bbox: [-115771.3204, 130037.7189, 115359.4571, 408002.5351]

In QGis (with 'polygon from layer extent') I get a different polygon/box. Why?   <--- Question 1

I add the x/y-differences and justify the bbox.

But now there is no access to wmts - I see no 'GET' in mapproxy-util output.
util/httpd is running but no result, no timeout, only waiting.

I tried the 3 different bounding boxes (mentioned above) and I tried different coverages.
But there is no result, not a single GET.
BTW: I have other WMTS/WMS definitions they can access and deliver results.

I am no Python programmer. Therefore I don't know bbox for WMTS access is calculated.
Currently I think it should be the bbox I calculate from <TileMatrix> (3).
Is this correct?  <--- Question 2

After this I consider the question about the missing GETs.

Thank you,
Heinrich Starck


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