[MapProxy] WMTS Format problem

Zantz, Patrick (Softec) Patrick.Zantz at softec.ch
Thu Sep 22 07:14:09 PDT 2016


sorry for insufficient informations. I am new with GIS-Systems and tile services.
Give me a try and maybe you could help me with this Problem.

We've got a MapProxy as a Caching Server and we can not access the sources from an ArcGis 10.22 Server
Source: https://svc.geodienst.ch/agssec/rest/services/basis/basis_hybrid/MapServer 

The documentation has too little content: https://mapproxy.org/docs/nightly/sources.html#arcgis-label 
So what does this term mean for example? "ArcGIS specific parameters to req, for example to set the interpolation method for ImageServers".

Maybe the vector layer kt_outline could be a problem https://svc.geodienst.ch/agssec/rest/services/basis/basis_hybrid/MapServer/0  

    srs: EPSG:21781
    res: [92.60435187537043, 52.91677250021167, 26.458386250105836, 13.229193125052918, 6.614596562526459, 4.6302175937685215, 2.6458386250105836, 1.3229193125052918, 0.7937515875031751, 0.5291677250021167, 0.26458386250105836, 0.13229193125052918, 0.06614596562526459]
944.9423661, 472.471183, 236.2355915]
    bbox: [630127.4820000008, 180568.55000000075, 681763.6739999987, 237690.72300000116]
    bbox_srs: EPSG:21781
    origin: nw
    stretch_factor: 1.0

    type: tile
    grid: mygrid
    url: http://svc.geodienst.ch/agssec/rest/services/basis/basis_hybrid/MapServer/WMTS?
    #url: https://svc.geodienst.ch/agssec/rest/services/basis/basis_hybrid/MapServer/WMTS/tile/1.0.0/basis_basis_hybrid/default/default028mm/%(z)s/%(y)s/%(x)s.jpg
 #url: http://svc.geodienst.ch/agssec/rest/services/basis/basis_hybrid/MapServer/tile/%(z)s/%(y)s/%(x)s 
      ssl_no_cert_checks: True
     # bbox: [599385.9928683914, 212316.89429626026, 691645.4219197234, 248370.82330445695]

Patrick Z.
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you need to provide more information to get an helpful answer.
Please read http://mapproxy.org/support.html#how-to-ask-for-help


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> On 13.09.2016, at 13:46, Zantz, Patrick (Softec) <Patrick.Zantz at softec.ch> wrote:
> Hello,
> i have a problem with my mapproxy and found this mailinglist.
> So to get some tiles i use this structure:
> https://svc.geodienst.ch/agssec/rest/services/basis/basis_ortho/MapServer/WMTS/tile/1.0.0/basis_basis_ortho/{Style}/{TileMatrixSet}/{TileMatrix}/{TileRow}/{TileCol}.jpg
> You can see the first tile here https://svc.geodienst.ch/agssec/rest/services/basis/basis_ortho/MapServer/WMTS/tile/1.0.0/basis_basis_ortho/default/default028mm/1/2257/2215.jpg
> So why my mapproxy seed starts here?: https://svc.geodienst.ch/agssec/rest/services/basis/basis_ortho/MapServer/WMTS/tile/1.0.0/basis_basis_ortho/default/default028mm/12/0/0.jpg
> Maybe someone can tell me in which way i have to force my mapproxy to GET the right tiles.
> Kind regards, Patrick Z.
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