[MapProxy] repack tiles to sqlite

Anne Blankert anne.blankert at geodan.nl
Wed Sep 28 14:33:31 PDT 2016

Hello Tobias,

some information that you could provide that I think is essential:

* name and version of operating system (not 'Linux' or 'Windows' or 'cloud
machine'  but "4.4.0-36-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Thu Aug 11 18:01:55 UTC 2016
x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux, Ubuntu 16.04.1 , see for instance "uname
-a" and "lsb_release -a")
* the file system type where the mbtiles are stored ("df -Th
/path_to_filesystem"). Are you seeding to a local disk or network disk?
* version of Mapproxy ("mapproxy-util --version")
* the smallest possible, least complex, seed and project yaml files that
you have that produce the problem
* the command and options that you execute to start the seed process
* exact error messages

This way, others can confirm or refute if they can reproduce the problem on
their systems and it would be much easier to pinpoint where the problem
could be.



2016-09-28 16:24 GMT+02:00 Tobias Wendorff <tobias.wendorff at tu-dortmund.de>:

> Him
> Am Mi, 28.09.2016, 16:10 schrieb Oliver Tonnhofer:
> >
> > what answer are you expecting on this?
> A "yes" or a "no" ?!
> > You are providing zero information:
> > No information what you did, what you expect and what you get.
> I've provided the information that I'm using the latest version from GIT
> with all latest packages from PIP. From my point of view it's useless to
> report about bugs with outdated versions.
> > The more work a question requires (asking for more details, creating
> > working configurations, building test requests, etc.), the less likely
> > a (timely) answer is.
> I think, my problem is reproducable with any configuration, even the
> demo seeds have this problem. But I can create some samples to test.
> > Please read "How to ask for help" on https://mapproxy.org/support and
> try
> > to be less demanding next time.
> I'm demanding, since I wanted to spent time to fix the bugs for free.
> I had time for about a week, this time is gone now :(
> Best regards,
> Tobias
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