[MapProxy] beginners tutorial for MapProxy (windows version)

Ali Madad alimadadmsbk at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 31 23:40:10 PST 2017

Hello all dears,
I use geoserver for generating WMS & WMTS services.
Since the WMTS services which are based on EPSG:4326, presents in Arcmap with a small shift, I am trying to install a MapProxy for sending it my WMTS layers and use it`s WMS output services for my Arcmap.

May you please let me know how to use a MapProxy in windows?
I have installed a MapProxy by using this file: MapProxy- , which has been downloaded from here: https://github.com/baasgeo/mapproxywindows/releases
But I can`t go further! I read some existed documents and tutorials but I was not able to understand them well.
Is there a simple doc which elaborate more for beginners?

Many thanks for your time.
Ali Madad ,   copied from Bayat
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