[MapProxy] Maximum number for layers

Jason Lee jaslee.st at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 08:19:31 PDT 2017

A while ago (2011!), I previously asked a question about the maximum number
of layers we could specify in the YAML file and ended up testing 1000
myself, which worked. We ended up having over 2000 layers in our file.

However, I am trying to migrate from Mapproxy v1.6.0 to the latest v1.10.3
but seeing the demo web page hang. I played around reducing the number of
layers until the demo page rendered correctly and find that 2141 layers
works but any more than that and the demo page hangs.

I think this is just an issue with the demo listing page rather than the
service itself which I still works serving map tiles for all the 2000+
layers we have specified.

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