[MapProxy] Issues with WMTS TileMatrix with leading zero resulting in different tiles in cache.

Bos, Cees Cees.Bos at kadaster.nl
Mon May 22 00:33:08 PDT 2017

Hi all,

We see double tiles in our cache due to 'different' TileMatrix values.

Example request
This results in tiles with key EPSG%3A3857-06-31-32 and with metadata tile_level '06'.

This is not supported:
This gives an exception: The requested tile is outside the bounding box of the tile map.

While the same calls with WMTS Rest style
This results in tiles with key EPSG%3A3857-6-31-32 and with metadata tile_level 6.

wmts/brtachtergrondkaart/EPSG:3857/06/31/32.png works fine and well and uses the same tiles with key EPSG%3A3857-6-31-32 and with metadata tile_level 6

When we seed the layers, the tiles are stored without the leading 0.
But these files are not used for the WMTS requests and new tiles are created, so the first type of WMTS requests don't leverage the cache and create a new set of files for all available files.

We face this with CouchDB caches.

Is this as expected? Or is this a bug in the WMTS requests?

With kind regards,

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