[MapProxy] Meta tile / Meta buffer with direct layers

Thomas Sieffert tsieffert at digitaleo.com
Tue Oct 24 07:54:44 PDT 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm building a map with 2 layers, one from OSM and one from a custom
endpoint using mapserver and the HTTP driver provided by GDAL/OGR.

When I directly use my wms service with leaflet for example, I'm getting
symbol clipping which is a common problem.

So, I decided to try mapproxy to counter this problem.

When I use a direct layer as shown in the documentation (services / layers
with a direct source), I'm getting the same problem, symbol clipping.

If I use a cache layer with the forward_req_params parameters, it does not
forward any of my custom parameters that I need (a key and an environment).

Is it possible to use the cache capability with the forward_req_params
parameter together ?

Thanks for your  answer.

My architecture :

Mapserver with OGR http driver < Mapproxy < Leaflet

mapproxy.yml without cache : https://pastebin.com/U71aKr9K
mapproxy.yml with cache : https://pastebin.com/DPKWjimq
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