[MapProxy] mapproxy transformations with mapnik

Lukas Macur lukas.macur at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 03:56:30 PDT 2018

Ok, I found out and this is really about proj library and epsg definitions
there. I used better definition for 5514 in PROJ library and it is ok now.


Ășt 17. 7. 2018 v 23:51 odesĂ­latel Lukas Macur <lukas.macur at gmail.com>

> Hello, I'm new to this list. I have question about transformations between
> SRS in Mapproxy (1.11.0).
> The source is Mapnik (openstreetmap in Postgres DB).
> If I define more SRS (3857, 4326, 5514, 31467 - with particular bboxes)
> for the WMS service there are some transformations and it is working.
> For some SRS the accuracy is ok, but 5514 (czechia) is slightly out in
> matter of metres.
> The question is am I able to set/check this transformation somehow? Is it
> about PROJ library version (4.9.3)? Cause I also defined path to the PROJ
> in yaml.
> Regards,
> LM
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