[MapProxy] MapProxy and ESRI

Jeroen van Onzen | Oculus Technologies jeroen at oculustechnologies.nl
Wed Jan 24 02:37:29 PST 2018

Hi all,


I was checking MapProxy and found a feature in the ESRI - Source.



If this is set to true, MapProxy will mark the layer as queryable and
incoming GetFeatureInfo requests will be forwarded as identify requests to
the source server. ArcGIS REST server support only HTML and JSON format. You
need to enable support for JSON


I set FeatureInfo to true and featureinfo_types to JSON as well. However the
request f?json to MapProxy is till not handled correctly by MapProxy. Am I
missing a step? Which output (WMS, WMTS or other) is needed for this
feature? Does someone have a working sample?


Thanks all for your help,


With regards,


Jeroen van Onzen

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