[MapProxy] Define multiple services of the same type

Richard Law r.law at metocean.co.nz
Wed Jan 24 15:55:26 PST 2018

Hi, apologies if a similar question has been asked before; I can't find a
way to search the archives for this list.

I create a MapProxy configuration YAML programmatically, for a single WMS
service that is a proxy to a tile service. The output tends to be very
large (hundreds to thousands of layers), and we manage this for consumers
of the WMS by filtering layers based on what they are authorised to see.
However even with filtering, occasionally it is possible that a WMS
consumer is authorised to see such a volume of layers that the initial WMS
GetCapabilities document is very large, leading to a timeout, or at best a
very long response time and a huge download.

I was wondering if instead it would be possible to define multiple services
of the same type in the MapProxy service configuration. For example, we
could have three WMS services defined in the configuration that are
accessed at


I would expect that different clients would be interested in different
services, because they would each be distinct in terms of theme. Each WMS
service would include a reference to the layers that they provide. This
way, pointing to service/wms-a implies a much smaller download for the
GetCapabilities than the full list of layers that are provided.

I could run multiple instances of MapProxy located at different endpoints
(domain/a/service, domain/b/service, etc.), but this feels a little
superfluous when it is already possible to have MapProxy run multiple
services (as long as they are of different types).

So, is it possible/planned to run multiple services of the same type (in
this case WMS services)?



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