[MapProxy] Image processing error

David Pavlíček pavlicek.david at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 04:42:00 PST 2018

did you solve that Issue? I'm experiencing pretty much the same problem.
Our MapProxy yesterday starts to respond with: "error while processing
image file: cannot identify image file <mapproxy.image.ReadBufWrapper
object at 0x7f67d86e6c10>

I reduce the config to simplest one possible, but with no luck. Error is
still there. Our config is as follows:

    srs: ['EPSG:5514']
    type: wms
      url: http://mpp.praha.eu/arcgis/services/DTMP/DTMP/MapServer/WMSServer
      transparent: true
      layers: 0,1,2,3

  - name: DTMP
    title: DTMP
    sources: [dtm_praha]
    resampling_method: bilinear

We are running MapProxy under Apache2 on Debian Linux behind HTTP proxy.
Packages up to date. I also try to run developlment server with that
config. And output is:

[2018-11-06 13:21:31,681] mapproxy.source.request - INFO - GET
200 10.0 330
[2018-11-06 13:21:31,689] mapproxy.image - DEBUG - converting image from
ImageOptions(encoding_options={}, resampling='bilinear', transparent=True)
-> ImageOptions(bgcolor='#ffffff', colors=256, encoding_options={},
format='image/png', resampling='bilinear', transparent=True)
[2018-11-06 13:21:31,689] mapproxy.image - DEBUG -
file(<mapproxy.image.ReadBufWrapper object at 0x7f67d86e6c10>) -> image
[info] - - [06/Nov/2018 13:21:31] "GET
HTTP/1.1" 200 -

But WMS response contains no image, only XML describing error mentioned

Any advices?

st 4. 7. 2018 v 15:32 odesílatel Sebastijan Sekulić <
sebastijan.sekulic at gmail.com> napsal:

> Hi,
> so I am trying to add a WMS source to my MapProxy, but on the demo page, I
> get an error.
> Error while processing image file: cannot identify image file
> <mapproxy.imageReadBufWrapper objerct at 0x7fbed4360f50>.
> I have tracked the error to Line 153 in wms.py (It stops at result_bf =
> result.as_buffer(img_opts)), if that helps. I think it should be something
> with pillow having a problem with the image format, but I don't have
> expertise in that.
> I don't get any console outputs except request (no errors).
> If I make a request with postman or with requests, it renders and
> downloads properly. The image format is png8, and I am using MapProxy 1.11
> on Ubuntu.
> If you need .yaml and request, I can provide as a download link or send
> privately, as I don't want to expose source links.
> Thanks,
> Seb.
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