[MapProxy] Prellender OSM zxy tiles

Martin Schmid info at akaritech.com
Fri Aug 9 15:01:00 PDT 2019


I’m new to this wonderful map proxy tool and to GIS systems in general. I managed to set up my map nicely and can display it through map proxy.

Since my application is only able to consume the data in the standard OSM z/x/y png format, I’m using the tiles URL that map proxy provides. 

This works well, so far so good.

Since map proxy is able to serve these tiles, is it also able to completely pretender these tiles so I can serve them through a standard web server without using map proxy at all?

That would be most convenient in special cases. I tried experimenting with the seed.yaml file, but the files on disk don’t match the format that I need.

Best regards

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