[MapProxy] docker project

Brian Wilson brian at wildsong.biz
Fri Dec 6 09:22:16 PST 2019

I've been testing CouchDB as a tile store, mostly because I've never worked
with it before. I solicit your input on different backends for MapProxy
direct to me brian at wildsong.biz to avoid any irrelevant battles on this
mailing list!!  CouchDB has been fun so far but that's not really a reason
to use it.

I've been working on a docker project the last few weeks.
MapProxy is working great so far, thanks!
My project is available to anyone here:

I am currently building on MapProxy + CouchDB using Docker Compose to set
up 2 containers.

My goal is to make it work under either Linux or Windows so the MapProxy
image is built
on a miniconda base and uses waitress as the server. I also plan on moving
to Docker Swarm
so that the containers can be on different machines.

I had it running behind an nginx proxy yesterday but found that made it
impossible to set up
connections in ArcGIS Enterprise Portal. Using no proxy works, that's good
enough for now. I will look at this issue more today.

Brian Wilson
Astoria, Oregon
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