[MapProxy] mapproxy (merging two caches into one layer)

Schmutz Daniel d.schmutz at schaellibaum.ch
Tue Jun 18 05:52:25 PDT 2019

Hello Mapproxy-Mailing-List

We would like to merge two caches into one layer but are having difficulties.

We have pre-generated all required Tiles (dataformat=png, size=512x512px) for all of our zoom levels for all of our maps (source type=mapnik), using the seeding functionality. When all of the Tiles were generated, we made all folders immutable (read only) (sudo chattr -R +i /home/administrator/Data/mpy/sbm_av_grau_EPSG2056), withholding Mapproxy from generating unwanted Tiles. These Tiles are used in WMS and WMTS connections.

We now want to merge two particular caches (two folders/layers having the same tile size, the same srs, the same origin, the same stretch factor but different bbox). We would like to access the Tiles directly (source type=mapnik is no longer required as all Tiles are available).

We have made a transition between the individual caches (max_res=650 and min_res=650). The problem that we are having is that we can only see one of the caches but never both at the same time. The merged layer in our configuration file is called 'sbm_osm_kombiniert_farb'.

Have attached the yaml configuration file.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks and Regards Daniel

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