[mapserver-dev] mapserver-dev mailing list

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Aug 9 14:20:09 EDT 2002


A little while ago we discussed the creation of a mapserver-dev mailing
list to help communication between the mapserver developers.  With the
current work going on in MapServer 3.7, the need for this list became
even more important, so the mapserver-dev at lists.gis.umn.edu list has
been created at UMN.

Regular users probably won't find much interest in this list, except
perhaps to get an idea of what's coming down the pipe, but I would like
to invite all developers who contributed extensions to MapServer in the
past to subscribe to this list.   The reason is that MapServer 3.7 has
undergone serious changes recently and we need all developers to work
together to make sure all parts are working properly.

I don't think there is any information on the UMN website about this
list yet (hopefully the site will be updated soon), but the list works
the same way as the mapserver-users list, so to subscribe:

  To subscribe to the MapServer-dev list send an e-mail to 
  majordomo at lists.gis.umn.edu with the body of the message 
  containing the following two lines 

           subscribe mapserver-dev

I also notice that there doesn't seem to be a searchable archive yet for
this list.  Steve, Raju: do you think you can add an archive and link to
it from the UMN website?


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