[mapserver-dev] 3.7 updates

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Aug 14 10:09:00 EDT 2002


I have made a pass on MapServer with Steve color overhaul, and made the
following changes:

  o map.h:L Added MS_INIT_COLOR() and RESOLVE_PEN_GD() macros.  The
    MS_INIT_COLOR() macro can be used to initialize a colorObj to a given
    color (including setting the pen to MS_PEN_UNSET).  The RESOLVE_PEN_GD()
    macro will ensure that the pen is set properly for GD usage.  Basically,
    it calls msImagesetPenGD() if the pen is currently unset.

  o mapresample.c: fixes for colorObj offsite (untested).

  o mapgd.c: fixed use of background color in GD 2.x case.

  o maplegend.c, mapscale.c: Removed extra argument to msAddLabel() call.

  o mapraster.c (drawGDAL()): fixes for colorObj in class styles and for
    offsite.  Changes have not been well tested.

I looked at updating mapogr.cpp but it seemed like a big job so I bailed.

Best regards,

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