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Steve Lime steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Tue Aug 20 12:59:12 EDT 2002

The default value is 100 (or opaque), while 0 would be transparent. The transparency only affects pixels
in the image actually set for a particular layer. You can see it in action at:


Click in the state anywhere. The resulting maps use a transparency of 10 in showing DNR regional boundaries
(base color is red).


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>>> "Doyon, Jean-Francois" <Jean-Francois.Doyon at CCRS.NRCan.gc.ca> 08/20/02 11:08AM >>>

Apparently, I had missed this new keyword in 3.6 and am about to add it in
... But I want to make sure I understand it's behavior properly, so that I
can explain it right :)

I'm guessing this setting affects the transparency of the areas of the layer
that are NOT classed, is that right? These are the areas that are normally
transparent.  But does it also somehow affect the transparency of CLASSED
parts of the layer? Would say a red polygon with a blue outline have a
degree of transparency applied to it, or would only the empty/non-classed
part of the layer be affected? And what's the default value?


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Salut J.F.

Je viens de realiser que le message attache ne contient pas suffisamment
d'information pour savoir de quoi on parle.  Il s'agit d'un nouveau
parametre TRANSPARENCY qui a ete ajoute a l'objet LAYER dans 3.6 ... il
prend une valeur de 0 a 100 definissant, comme son nom l'indique, le
niveau de transparence a utiliser pour ce layer.


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