[mapserver-dev] Python setup.py

Tim Cera timcera at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 5 23:32:24 EST 2002


This is the third message to the list.  Hopefully this one is charmed!

Started working on a Python setup.py, because 3.6.3 didn't have one.  Just 
looked at the nightly build and someone (maybe Steve Lime?) has started a 
setup.py.  I couldn't get the nightly version to work.  First error was that 
'-opt' wasn't a valid swig option.

Find attached my version.  I tarred up the mapscript/python directory and 
mapscript.i.  I used 3.6.3 as my base, tried to apply my setup.py to the 
nightly build, but no go.

1) mapscript.i BUG in 3.6.3:  Commented out Python section of mapscript.i 
because ms_error, which seems to be deprecated, was used.
2) Re-swigged mapscript.i, creating mapscript.c and mapscript.py.  Chose to 
not include the swig process in the setup.py.  Swigged mapscript.i by hand.
3) Created 'setup.py' for distutils support.  My setup.py requires 2.0 or 
newer, but this could be changed.
4) Created 'examples/shpdump.py' and 'examples/shpinfo.py'.
5) Included dbfreader.py extension to read DBF files.  What a great find!

I also changed the name of perlvars to mapscriptvars, but that is only a 
cosmetic change and is not incuded in the attached tar file.

Under 3.6.3, after building MapServer, should be easy to add MapScript Python.

  cd mapscript/python
  python setup.py build
  python setup.py install     # likely as root

take care
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