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Pradeep pradeepkumar at infotech.stph.net
Mon Nov 11 00:40:59 EST 2002

Dear Steve,
	Thank you for your offer to help me out, After looking at MapScript and the
documentation of SWIG generated interfaces, I believe MapServer-COM should
be wrapped the same way, Actually the Idea behind the COM wrapping of
MapServer is to interface it to IIS/MTS and thus reap the benefits of it.

You map please help me in these areas:

1.Has any one tried a similar thing on MapServer before, If yes, Can I know
from you any additional Info abt COM-Mapserver, issues with it...and so
on,Steve any additional Info stops me from re-inventing the wheel.

2.The Design Issues with COM??? any guidance from you.

3.Do you suggest any alternatives as such for what I plan to implement in
COM, the COM idea came after in-depth analysis for creating an ISAPI dll of
MapServer, and shelving the idea in the conceptual stage in favor of the
advantages of COM over ISAPI, Steve What do you comment on this? do you
agree? what does your experience say?

I will be in constant touch for the rest of this endaevor,Looking forward
for a nice time with you and MapServer
Thank you and all my regards


Proj Lead
Infotech Enterprises Ltd

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I think it would make the most sense for a COM module to follow
MapScript. Assuming your dll is destined for public consumption that
would make it much easier to use. The file mapscript.i in the mapscript
directory documents much of the SWIG generated interface. I can help
further if this is of interest to you.


Stephen Lime
Data & Applications Manager

Minnesota DNR
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>>> "Pradeep" <pradeepkumar at infotech.stph.net> 11/08/02 05:02 AM >>>
Hi User Group,
    I am destined to create a COM dll for MapServer. I need all the Help
understand The Programmatic flow and design of mapserver, can some one
me understand mapserver from a development perspective, Any shred of
Info in
that direction will be gladly appreciated.

Thanks ,


Proj Lead
Infotech Enterprises Ltd

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