[mapserver-dev] mapscript.i fixes

Tim Cera timcera at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 14 16:39:09 EST 2002


Find attached a diff of a modified mapscript.i against the 11/13/2002 nightly 

In several places 'map' and 'this' should be 'self'.
Added type declaration for 'i'.
Started changing to new key words in swig 1.3.16u.

Change to the python directory and run the following swig command line (I 
don't know how older versions of swig will handle the newer keywords).

swig -python -shadow -DPYTHON -DUSE_GD_PNG -DUSE_GD_JPEG -module mapscript -o 
./mapscript.c ../mapscript.i

Copy the 'setup.py' that I sent a couple of days ago into the python 

  python setup.py build

It looks for ../../perlvars so you need to compile mapserver first.

  python setup.py install 

take care
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