[mapserver-dev] RE: [mapserver-users] Debugging a CGI in MSVC

Administrator jnovak at novacell.com
Tue Nov 19 00:07:59 EST 2002

Go to Project->Settings->Debug->General and place a string in the
Program Arguments box that resembles:
I use a running web app to generate the string I wnat, then prepend the
QUERY_STRING=.  This triggers a special debugging case in mapserv.c main
that will set up the CGI stuff for debug execution.
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Subject: [mapserver-users] Debugging a CGI in MSVC
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	        I have the mapserver sources running on windows,
compiled using the MSVC compiler,I wish to debug it, and follow the code
flow setting some break points in the code, as far as now I was
unsuccessful trying to debug the CGI exe, I have used __asm {int 3};
statement to programatically set break points in the code, but still the
VC debugger fails to launch. In essense can any user working in windows
environment tell me How to debug a CGI application?
	Thanks for your time

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