[mapserver-dev] WFS 1.0.0 support in MapServer

Steve Lime steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Wed Oct 9 17:10:16 EDT 2002


>>> Daniel Morissette <morissette at dmsolutions.ca> 10/09/02 03:12PM >>>

I have committed to the MapServer CVS a first version of OGC WFS 1.0.0
server and client support.  There is still some work and testing to do
before it can be called complete, but if anyone feels brave then you
start playing with it (experienced users only, please!).

The current implementation is complete enough for a MapServer
application to be able to render WFS layers from a remote MapServer
server, including attribute classification, etc... really cool!  I'm
still working on supporting queries on WFS layers, and proper
support at both client and server ends (for now limit yourselves to
mapfiles and WFS layers in the same projection).

I attached to this message Draft documentation for what will
become the WFS server and WFS client HOWTOs... it should contain
information for experienced users to get started with WFS.

Finally, I haven't been able to find any working WFS client or server
the net to use in validating the MapServer implementation of the
protocol.  All I found were either incomplete prototypes or broken
pages.  So if anyone knows of a publicly available and functional WFS
1.0 client and/or server that we could use for testing then please let
us know.

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