[mapserver-dev] SWIG 1.3.16

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Thu Oct 31 15:56:06 EST 2002

I take it back, there seem to be some issues with the object handling 
after all. Running getLayer() on anything but layer 0 returns an 
unusable resource. There might be ways to tweak the mapscript.i file to 
make things work right, but nothing obvious has jumped on me yet...

Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Wow!  Very interesting!  :)   We'll have to try it out if we can ever
> find the time... or if anyone has time to test this further before we do
> then please go ahead and keep us posted on how it goes.
>>I just pulled swig 1.3.16 and tried out the PHP4 support. It is looking
>>pretty slick now... I just did the four line SWIG routine, and loaded
>>the module, and the following php script works:
>>$map = new mapObj("/home/httpd/mapserver/html/usa/usa.map");
>>$lyr = $map->getLayer(0);
>>print $lyr->name;
>>It'll take a while to confirm the overall functionality of the SWIG
>>generated code, but so far so good...

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