[mapserver-dev] MapServer 3.7 changes fo thread safety

Julien-Samuel Lacroix lacroix at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Sep 17 09:12:20 EDT 2002


I have committed a few minutes ago in the MapServer 3.7-dev (main CVS
trunk) a bunch of changes to the whole code of MapServer. I remove all 
chdir() function to make mapserver thread safe.

Important changes are the removal of all chdir and replacing them with 
the new msBuildPath function to prevent the application to change 
directory and be thread safe.

i.e. instead of this:

  path = getPath(map_filename);

we would use:

  full_filename = msBuildPath(map->map_path, filename);

I can't try every possibility, so, for next few days, the main cvs trunk 
will be unstable.


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