[Mapserver-dev] New QUERYABLE true/false layer parameter?

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Sat Apr 26 13:54:21 EDT 2003

I've filed a bug about this just so that we can track this:

BTW, are you suggesting that the CGI should ignore the QUERYABLE
parameter and just check the template value?  That means there would be
two behaviors with respect to queries: the CGI behavior which checks
only the TEMPLATE, and the mapscript behavior which checks the QUERYABLE
flag.  I would think it wouldbe more consistent to have the CGI use the
QUERYABLE flag as well, and if QUERYABLE is set but TEMPLATE is missing
then produce a fatal error.


Steve Lime wrote:
> It would be cleaner certainly, I'm not sure of how big a change that
> would be
> though. The query functions all reference the msIsLayerQueryable (or
> whatever
> it's called function) so that's where the change would have to be made
> so that
> template would have the same meaning. The CGI code would have to be
> checked
> to make sure that TEMPLATE is used as a test rather then the above
> function.
> Steve
> >>> Daniel Morissette <morissette at dmsolutions.ca> 04/23/03 03:54PM >>>
> Steve, and all,
> Since we are breaking with the past in many ways with this upcoming
> release, perhaps now would be a good time to fix another annoying
> issue:
> the lack of a QUERYABLE flag in layer and class definitions.
> I understand the logic and historical reasons behind the use of
> to trigger queryability in the context of the mapserv CGI, but these
> days there are lots of MapScript applications that end up having to
> set
> TEMPLATE "ttt" in their layer definitions just to make the layers
> queryable, this is really not intuitive and sounds clunky when we have
> to explain to a new user why things are this way.  There are also WMS
> client layers that end up setting TEMPLATE "ttt" to indicate that the
> layer on the remote server is queryable... we're very far from the
> initial TEMPLATE idea.
> What would you think of adding a QUERYABLE parameter to the LAYER and
> CLASS definitions that dictates whether a layer is queryable or not?
> For mapserv CGI applications, the TEMPLATE value would still be
> required, if TEMPLATE is not set for a queryable class or layer then
> the
> mapserv CGI would return an error.
> Daniel
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