[Mapserver-dev] Compiling Python Mapscript

Howard C Butler hobu at iastate.edu
Mon Apr 28 11:42:15 EDT 2003

Oops, I was using the CVS version of mapserver from yesterday afternoon 
about 4:00.

I'll try rolling back to 1.3.17



At 09:40 AM 4/28/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Howard,
>You haven't mentioned which mapscript version.  I am assuming
>mapscript from 3.6.5.  I had success building the 3.6 mapscript
>with SWIG 1.3.11 and gcc 2.95.
>I am currently compiling the development (3.7) mapscript with
>SWIG 1.3.17 and gcc 3.2.  I subscribe to the SWIG list and read
>that SWIG 1.3.18 had problems and have been waiting to see if
>they are fixed in SWIG 1.3.19 before I upgrade.
>On Monday, April 28, 2003, at 09:24  AM, Howard C Butler wrote:
>>I'm having trouble compiling mapscript with swig 1.3.19 and gcc 3.2.
>>I am using Norman's distutils script found on the wiki page.  Many 
>>deprecated errors are being returned by swig, and gcc reports that it 
>>exits with status 1, but there isn't much useful information in the trace 
>>(like what is causing it).  I suspect that I'm probably missing a header 
>>file, swig is generating bad/unintended code, or my gcc is screwed up.
>>Can anyone refer me to a gcc/swig combination that they were able to 
>>successfully get this going with?
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