[Mapserver-dev] An idea of implementation (again)

"René F. Viancos S. (-: R E N I X :-)" renix at imagendeempresas.cl
Wed Apr 30 00:25:44 EDT 2003

>Hi MapServer developers, my name is René Viancos and i have an idea for 
>implementating in MapServer:
>Adrew Williamsom has a C file called "avclient.c" in the following url 
>http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Haven/2295/ingred.html that is a 
>component of an "Arcview Map Server"
>The avclient.c file comunicates with arcview box from a linuxbox (where 
>avclient was compiled) and sends avenue commands via RPC, in order to get 
>arcview functionalities to produce a Map Server.
>Mi idea is to give to Mapserver these same functionalities, to get Arcview 
>Functions, like Network Analyst, from Internet with MapServer, in sumary, 
>give arcview functionalities to MapServer...
>is it possible the fusion of avclient.c and MapServer ??... i don't know 
>how to do this, but in chile there is a web map service called MapCity ( 
>www.mapcity.cl ) and i have serious information the this system does some 
>similar with a map server (i don't know what, but i suspect that is 
>MapServer) and a software component in an unix box that sends street 
>routing queries to a Geomedia GIS box..
>if you have any comments... please write to me ...
>René Viáncos
>Corrdinator of the MapServer Doc Translation
>  in to Spanish Language
>Plase visit www.mapserver.cl
>and send me any comments

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