[Mapserver-dev] 3.6 branch CVS checkout

Mark Cave-Ayland m.cave-ayland at webbased.co.uk
Thu Aug 7 03:41:37 EDT 2003

> I don't know if the PostGIS folks replied to you already, but just so 
> you know I checked in CVS and what you got from CVS is 
> correct: the last 
> update to mappostgis.c in CVS was made on 2002/11/15.  So it 
> seems that 
> nobody ever committed the June version in the 3.6 branch.
> Daniel
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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for checking this for me. Not having used CVS that often, I
wanted to check that I wasn't missing something obvious on checkout! 

I've just tried the 4.0 mappostgis.c in my 3.6 source tree and it fails
to compile (could be due to the layerObj changes that Dave mentioned in
his email). Since I haven't used 4.0 at all, I'm sure exactly what the
changes would need to be.

Dave, is there any chance that you could commit the mappostgis.c changes
to the 3.6 branch re: your email dated June 12th? Is it worth making
available a 3.6.7 tarball given that most of the PostGIS queries posted
to the list will have been solved by Dave's rewrite? It's just that even
though most of the development is concentrating on 4.0, it's still going
to take us at least a couple of months to understand the differences and
upgrade our systems. Or does no-one care much for 3.6 anymore? :)




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