[Mapserver-dev] compile problem with mswmslayer.c

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Sat Feb 8 12:01:49 EST 2003

woodbri at swoodbridge.com wrote:
> While building ms 3.7 on Red Hat 8.0 I ran into a strange bug? code
> issue in mswmslayer.c I was using a nighty from a couple of days ago.
> Anyway, I got "_snprintf" as an undefined. I'm not sure why but the
> code was actually calling "_snprintf", I changed that line to call
> "snprintf" and added #include <stdio.h> at the top to solve the
> problem.

The latest CVS version of mapwmslayer.c uses "snprintf", and Assefa
added the #include <stdio.h> a few days ago.  What I don't understand is
why you got this "_snprintf" in the code since I don't see it in any of
the recent CVS versions (after a quick check using cvs diff).

Anyway, sounds like this is fixed in CVS now.

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