[Mapserver-dev] WKB geometry in mappostgis.c

Attila Csipa attila at prometheus.org.yu
Mon Feb 10 08:47:17 EST 2003

I'm looking at the mappostgis.c code and trying to implement WKB geometry for 
the mysql module, but there are some interesting things. For one, the WKB as 
used is NOT compliant to the WKB spec, as given in the SFSQL RFC. Since 
postgis WKB seems to be working the question is if there are multiple 
versions of WKB specifications floating around or am I just missing something 

In the code below it is clearly visible that the type of WKB geoms is stored 
for each geometry, and the first is located on byte 10 of the WKB. According 
to SFSQL specs, this is not so - the type is defined only once, on byte 2 
(except for special WKB types, line is not one of them). This is for 
starters, there are other differences, too.

int     force_to_lines(char     *wkb, shapeObj *shape)
        int offset =0;
        int ngeoms, t ;
        int     type,nrings,npoints;

        shape->type = MS_SHAPE_NULL;  //nothing in it

        memcpy( &ngeoms, &wkb[5], 4);
        offset = 9;  //were the first geometry is
        for (t=0; t<ngeoms; t++)
                memcpy( &type, &wkb[offset+1], 4);  // type of this geometry

etc, etc...

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