[Mapserver-dev] greetings/authentication propogation

Chris G. Nicholas cgn at globexplorer.com
Wed Jan 15 15:23:46 EST 2003

Greetings - 

In the twisted chain of map servers that are also clients to other
OpenGIS sources of info, I am pondering crude/rude/effective ways to
introduce a sense of identity, beginning with straight RFC 2617 http
authentication throughout the whole mess as a way to get started.

With respect to mapserver, I was thinking about adding some code to the
WFS/WMS client stuff such that if something along the chain presents a
challenge, just pass along the same info auth info the parent had.
Beyond that, perhaps some strawman tags for an XML-PKI signature. 

Not familiar enough yet to know where the best place to access http
headers are, or what struct of map.h to tag it onto yet, but that is
what I am trying to effect: chained identity.  

thoughts/comments/flames appreciated...

Chris Nicholas

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