[Mapserver-dev] libstdc++ and mapogr.cpp

Jeremy Gwinnup jgwinnup at mbvlab.wpafb.af.mil
Fri Jan 17 09:16:10 EST 2003

Hi all,

Been experimenting with the build process of libmap.a and the utility
binaries - I noticed that mapogr.cpp is the only c++ file in the library
- Is this because there is no C-based OGR link?

It was problematic to build the utilities, since the library looks for a
__gcc_personality symbol, which is n libstdc++

Linking libstdc++ to the binaries solved the problem, as suggested by a
message in the dev-list archives. There seems to be no ill effects of
linking the c++ library in, but I do not enable OGR in my local builds.

My platform:
linux, gcc-3.2


Jeremy Gwinnup <jgwinnup at mbvlab.wpafb.af.mil>
Veridian Engineering

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