[Mapserver-dev] 3.6.5 configure problem

mapsurfer mapsurf at midsouth.rr.com
Tue Jun 3 02:32:54 EDT 2003


With the other packages (libtiff, proj, gd) when I used the --prefix= on the
configure, it automatically changed and resolved the default installation
(ie. /home/user instead of /usr/local) but I was doing it from a script and
variable for my --prefix didnt get set correctly and my --with-<pkg> params
were still getting set to /usr/local.  I think its solved now.



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> --prefix isn't used at all in the mapserver configure script. I guess
> the reason is that we don't support an install option. What were you
> hoping it would control?
> Steve
> >>> "mapsurfer" <mapsurf at midsouth.rr.com> 06/02/03 6:02 PM >>>
> WHen I use --prefix w/ configure, it is still looking for stuff in
> /usr/local/ for some
> reason (for libtiff, proj, etc).  Its been like this for a long while,
> but I *fortunately* use /usr/local
> on my setups.  This time around, I have to build mapserver on a shared
> machine.  Something
> needs tweaking in configure.in
> Check it out:
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/home/cto/usr/local --without-eppl
> --without-sde --with-tiff=/usr/local --without-jpeg
> --with-proj=/usr/local --with-ttf=/usr/local --with-gd=/usr/local
> checking whether we should include TIFF support...
>         using libtiff from -L/usr/local/lib -ltiff.
> checking whether we should include EPPL7 support...
>         disabled by --without-eppl
> checking whether we should include PROJ.4 support...
> configure: error: Could not find projects.h or libproj.a/libproj.so in
> /usr/local.
> If I can figure it out, I'll post back a fix.
> Regards,
> Chris Stuber (mapsurfer)
> Silicon Mapping Solutions, Inc.

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