[Mapserver-dev] Coding sprints at MUM?

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Sun May 4 16:31:01 EDT 2003

Sean Gillies wrote:
> Has anyone thought about the possibility of delaying the
> next major release until after the users meeting?  If enough
> developers are at the meeting, there is a unique opportunity
> to have some coding "sprints" and exterminate some outstanding
> bugs, resolve some ungainly implementations (like my msCopy*
> stuff), etc.  Are people too maxed out already with presentations
> and meeting logistics to do this?

Having been to other similar events a few times in the past, I would not
expect (at least myself) to be able to write a single line of code in
those few days.  We'll barely have enough time to talk to everyone we
want to talk to, and hopefully have at least one meeting to get the
developers together.

I agree that there is a long list of unaddressed bugs, and I think we
should work on it, but that should be before the meeting and the
release, actually in the next 2 weeks if we want to release anything
this month.  We should keep in mind that we need a stability period with
a code freeze before a release, even if we just plan a pre-relaease of
4.0 for the meeting.

Anyway, back to getting the developers together: Steve, what would you
think of blocking some time during the MUM, at least a couple of hours
where all the developers could get together and discuss future
directions, coordination issues, etc.  We should also try to come up
with a roadmap for the next release and discuss it... we already have
some new developments planned for the coming year and this should be
coordinated with stuff that others are planning to add to MapServer.

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