[Mapserver-dev] compiling on Mac OS/X 10

mapsurfer mapsurf at midsouth.rr.com
Wed May 7 06:17:35 EDT 2003

Guys, I spent a few hours debugging an install on Mac OS/X...  An older
mapserver version kept crapping on itself with this error:

> ld: Undefined symbols:
 > ___gxx_personality_v0

After a bit of research, I finally found the fix:

In configure.in, just below the libm check, I added the following library

AC_CHECK_LIB(stdc++,__gxx_personality_v0, XTRALIBS="$XTRALIBS -lstdc++",,)


re-ran autoconf, and all is well.  The Mac OS/X is very BSD'ish, but Apple
has alot of
wierdness to it.   It is quite possible this could be added to the standard
distributed without
ill effects, and would make it a bit more portable (ie. it couldnt hurt).


Chris Stuber (mapsurfer)
Silicon Mapping Solutions, Inc.

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