[Mapserver-dev] How to Show chinese characters?

keni keninet at sina.com
Tue May 20 01:08:45 EDT 2003

Steve Lime,hello!
    The UNICODE encoding include unicode utf-16 encoding,unicode uft-8 encoding and unicode 
utf-7 encoding,which is the "UNICODE".
    The font which i use supports UNICODE,and the font's name is "Arial Unicode MS".chinese characters with utf-8 encoding are sucess to show,other encoding are wrong to show.

     Thanks you very much for your informations!

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>The new versions of GD have support for more character mappings which may help you, but as long as the fonts you're using support UNICODE you should be fine. Note that you MUST use TrueType fonts. The GD bitmap fonts support only a limited character set. I've forwarded this to the main list in hopes they may help. I know this question has been asked before...
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>>>> "keni" <keninet at sina.com> 05/18/03 10:10 PM >>>
>mapserver-dev, hello$)A#!
>	I am a student and want to use Mapserver to build the web map station.But i download both 
>mapserver 3.6 and mapserver 3.7,it cannot show the chinese characters in the label and the 
>$)A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keninet at sina.com
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