[Mapserver-dev] Speed Improvement #3 (I am on a roll :-)

Alan Steremberg alans at wunderground.com
Fri Nov 7 14:57:52 EST 2003



In new versions of GD (2.02 and above) gdAlphaBlending is turned on by
default. This causes a speed decrease of about 6x.

inside msImageCreateGD:

        if( format->imagemode == MS_IMAGEMODE_RGB || format->imagemode ==
            image->img.gd = gdImageCreateTrueColor(width, height);
            /* AJS - alans at wunderground.com turn this off by default? will
ndfd work? */
            gdImageAlphaBlending( image->img.gd, 0);

        } else

>From looking in the mapserver code (mapgd.c) it seems as if mapserver is
doing its own alpha blending, so this should always be off unless drawing
truetype fonts. (the code already works)


 Alan Steremberg
 415-543-5021 x 103

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