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Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
Wed Nov 19 11:41:13 EST 2003

Frank & Tom -

Does either EPSG or OGC have anything to say about this?  The support is
a good in concept, but I don't want to start propagating a particular
specification simply because we discovered one vendor using it.

	- Ed

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> Folks,
> Have you ever encountered anything about EPSG:NONE being a 
> valid way of describing a coordinate system not related to 
> the earth?  I see a PCI server is using this convention and I 
> am wondering if MapServer should somehow be made to support 
> it or not.  A clients application copies the EPSG strings 
> into new mapfiles when using the MapServer WMS client support.

I say support it.  EPSG:NONE is good for images which are not
spatial.  Like old maps, charts, etc.  The PCI software allows one to
projects as WMS layers (map, legend, chart, other info) in one bundle.
really for fusion w/ other data, yet a bundled approach.


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