Compiling with FastCGI enabled

Bart van den Eijnden bartvde at XS4ALL.NL
Fri Dec 31 09:21:15 EST 2004

Hi list,

switching this discussion the dev list.

I have done a few tests and have run into quite some problems using
mapserver built with FastCGI support and then using it in normal CGI mode.

Even images from shapefile sources don't work anymore in WMS mode when
Mapserver behaves as a normal CGI. Also the problem with WMS caps which I
reported in an earlier e-mail.

in Firefox I get:
the image ... cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Does anybody have an idea what's going on (does it have something to do
with output functions?), or am I the first one testing this and is it not
to be expected that people build with FASTCGI enabled and also use the
executable in normal CGI mode?

Happy New Year everyone btw.

Best regards,

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