[Mapserver-dev] Maplexer.l/strptime

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Feb 3 14:23:22 EST 2004

Ned Harding wrote:
> VC7.1 doesn't have a strptime function, so I changed it to a sprintf in the
> maplexer.l so that I could compile the latest from CVS.
> I'm not set up to test the time related stuff, so I apologize if I broke
> anything, but it should work fine.  If anyone has an issue, let me know.

strptime() converts a string to a time struct, so it is unlikely that 
you can emulate that with sprintf().  I know that Assefa was going to 
work on this, perhaps he can give us an update?

I have created bug 556 to track this:

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